Mike: The Movie Guy

Speech Recognition, NLP, AI, Chatbot, Mobile Application

A super awesome friendly AI assistant, who helps you pick a movie to watch when you’re trying to figure out how to spend that lazy Sunday afternoon. It is able to understand and respond to natural speech by maintaining a contextual memory about what kind of mood, actor or genre a user is interested in to make intelligent recommendations for which movie to watch.

Banking Chatbot

NLP, AI, Chatbots

A facebook chatbot that enables customers to easily interact and find out about an institutions various offerings. The chatbot is powered by artifical intelligence and sophisticated natural language processing to create a seamless experience for the end consumers to access relevant information.

Digital Health Platform

Data Architecture, Platform Design, Mobile Application

Developed a proof of concept and MVP for a future Digital Health Platform. It aims to increase engagement with customers at key points in their health journeys. These interactions with their health and life build on the aligned relationship between AIA and the policy buyer to create ‘healthier, happier lives’.

Mobile Virtual Assistant

Speech Recognition, NLP, Mobile Application

A virtual assistant that uses natural speech to schedule and perform time-consuming tasks in an intelligent manner, with a key focus to increase productivity to free up more time for value-adding activities.